Sunday, July 17, 2011

Everything good comes from God

So recently, one of my new friends sent me this video. The video that he sent me is an 8 part series video.

The video has the author of "23 Minutes in Hell" (book) on it and he discusses his experience in hell. The author of that book, Bill W. said at first that if he told anyone about his experience that people would 1) not believe him, or 2) just think that he had had a bad dream. But in this video he says that God wanted him to share his experience with other people so that we may truly know, as Christians, what God was truly saving us from by saving our souls to be with Him eternally. As i watched this 8 part video series on Youtube (lol, where else?), I was truly enlightened to what hell is like. Of course no amount of our explanation of heaven or hell could ever compare to actually being there- but when someone talks about either of those places- it just gives me a small glimpse into eternity- 1 place being with God (aka heaven) and 1 place being without God (aka -hell).

It's one thing to just know in your mind that everything good comes from God, but when that truth is really put into perspective- ie- hearing what hell is like and truly KNOWING with my heart- that truly EVERY good thing DOES come

from God- it really makes me soooo thankful that 1) i'll never go to hell because my heavenly Father is preparing a place for me even to this day and 2) He will NEVER strike my name from His book of life so i don't have to go to hell. NEVER.

While Mr. W was explaining his experience in hell- he wanted to make it clear that it was not just a bad dream- he had a vision from God and that it was an out of body experience. Everything he described that he experienced, he backed up with scripture- so people would KNOW that hell is real and NOT that he just didn't have some bad dream.

I've complied a whole list of mostly everything that he said- and it's not that i'm trying to be scary or anything- all of this just made me soooooo thankful and ever so grateful to God that He saved me from all of this.

Just so you know, I am NOT, I repeat, am NOT one of those people that wants to scare anyone into salvation. That, to me, is the not-so-smart-way to go about leading someone into the presence of God. So please don't think that i'm trying to do that by telling you this list because i'm not.

Here's the list.

in hell
-tremendous heat
-huge demon giants, deformed- tremendous strength
-no strength- any movement takes tremendous effort
-real physical pain
-no life- no blood, no water
-pitch black
-millions of people screaming at the top of their lungs
-no peace of mind, can't get away
-pit of fire- flames raging 100 ft. in the air
-pit about a mile across
-senses are keener
-flames barely lit up skyline- just enough to see- contained light
rock, desolate wasteland
-no green grass, nothing green- light did not travel
-foul stench from the demons- like a rotten open sewer, like you've never
smelled before, terrible and nauseous
-toxic to breath it--> fumes, smell, can't die from it
- not enough air to breath, not enough O2
-every time u feel like you're going to die- u don't have enough air to breathe
-Isaiah 42:5 --> hell is under the earth not upon the earth like we are,
don't get all the benefits
-everything good comes from God. fellowship, food, eating, fresh air, light, grass, sunshine
-when you remove God from the situation, all the good goes with him; there's no good apart from God; nothing
-he (Bill W) wanted to talk to someone- but he knew he would never get to again
-complete isolation for eternity
- hell is in the center of the earth num. 16:32 (sheol) eph. 4:9,
- a lot of scriptures that say where hell is
-he could never see his wife again and she was on the earth and she would
never know where he was
- no way of ever getting out
-could see outlines of people in the flames- ppl in the flames burning
-millions of people are burning and screaming but they're still alive in the
flames- real fire (john 15:6, ps. 11:6, ps 140:10, matt. 13:49, rev. 9)
-real fire in hell as truely now as you have a body- c. spurgeon
-center of the earth is about 12,000 deg f. - this kind of heat for eternity in hell
-matt. 18:34, luke 12:47, ps. 50:22, ps. 116:3, matt. 25:41, Is. 14:15, Ez. 28:17
-after judgement day- satan will be cast into the lake of fire
- no sleep - don't get to sleep- ever. Rev. 14:11
-no rest from the torment and no physical rest- ps. 127:2- God gives beloved sleep
-in hell- they aren't God's beloved- they dont get that benefit.
- not with your friends, no parties, no conversations
-alone and isolated for eternity
is. 5:14- the mighty man shall be humbled
-useless wasting away
Ecc. 9:10- no work, no device and no wisdom
-no purpose, just rot away, no job, nothing to do- other than suffer and be
in torment-never get to see loved ones again
- he was sooooo thirsty
-when he came back and his wife gave him a glass of water; he saw life
in a glass- no life in hell
-no time to think
-millions of ppl that used to live on the earth are now in hell suffering
because they made a wrong decision
-horrible feeling to be lost there forever
-no angels to come rescue you
-fear level- so high- it's like a scary movie but times a million
-Is. 14:11- bed of maggots and cover ppl- flesh is never consumed fully
- diff. sizes and shapes of demons, spiders (some were 3 or 4 ft. across), HUGE,
snakes, maggots, everything was twisted and deformed, every gross thing
you would imagine- it's in hell.
-the demons have a hatred for you, they want to torment you w/ a passion
-intense fear because there's no god to rescue you
-consumed with terror
-hopelessly lost forever
-separated from God
-people were in their individual pits
rev. 1:16- he (author Bill W) finally came to the feet of Jesus
-even some Christians don't believe hell is real
-we're made in God's image- that's why the demons hate us so much b/c
they hate God
-god doesn't send anyone to hell, people send themselves there
-it's not our job to convict people's hearts, it's the job of the Holy Spirit
-all u have to do is cast out the demons in God's name
-the demonic realm is NO MATCH for God
-job 26:7
-God is in control
-numbers 12:6
ez. 33:11- God doesn't want anyone going to hell, he feels deep sorrow for
-eph. 3:19- we can't even grasp how much He loves us
-job 33- God gives people visions to keep their soul from the pit
-the real you is inside- the soul and spirit
james 4:14
-it's not based on whether your good or bad- none of us meet his standards-
we're not perfect- we've all sinned- job 15:16
-jesus paid the price so we don't have to
- god gives us clear directions to his house- i think he knows where he
lives (ex. person 1 gives person 2 directions to person1's house. person 2
says he thinks he's going to go another way b/c he thinks all roads lead to
person1's house) he's given us clear direction
this is the link. It's video 1 of the 8 part video series.


  1. Wow! That is SO intense..and heartbreaking.

  2. And, I don't like the scare method either. I know people who have done it, but God is soo much more than "fire insurance". How deep the Father's love for us!